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March 26, 2017 FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 216: “Sorry” Canada, NEW JPEG compression and Cameras BANNED on Flights

First off I would like to apologize to our Canadian listeners (sorry)!  This weeks show brings us fun, news, laughs and a lot of “sorry”.


This weeks show is brought to you by RODE and the 2017 MyRodeReel competition.  For the full rules on how you can enter for your chance to win some of the $500,000 in prizes click here.


There’s a ton of news this week from cameras and electronics being banned on many flights to the US, new drone restrictions in Canada “sorry”, awesome job opportunity in Washington D.C, camera store robberies and much more. 


We have gear of the week, flying solo, the wheel of FRO, Memes and a bonus MAIL TIME unboxing at the very end.


Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and iTunes.


00:00:00   What Are You Eating?

00:02:29   Coming Soon   

00:06:45   Plug of the Week

00:12:01   Photo News

00:12:29   Mermaid Wedding

00:15:11   Northern Lights Engagement

00:16:39   Canada's New Drone Restrictions

00:20:15   Meredith Checks In

00:22:41   Sorority Sorry Girls

00:28:44   Real Pied Piper

00:30:47   US Supreme Court Photo Job

00:34:07   No More Four Thirds

00:34:53   Midwest Photo Robbed

00:38:16   Vaydra Optics Robbed Also

00:39:11   How To Talk To A Client

00:49:16   Gear of the Week

00:53:06   Flying Solo

01:21:17   Wheel of Fro

01:25:25   Memes of the Week

01:29:35   BONUS Content, Super Fan Delivers

01:34:40   Hashtags of the Week...kind of




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